The proof behind the power of kind leadership.

In 2021, Signature Consultants partnered with a national research and data firm to study the impact of kind leadership and its influence on employees when it comes to innovation and purpose within the workplace. Importantly, the research uncovered a clear connection between the practice of kind leadership and a company’s ability to create an environment where innovation can flourish.

Leading with kindness drives innovation and competitive advantage.

According to the research, leading with kindness is the most effective leadership style to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Employees feel a shared sense of purpose between their job and the company’s leadership and goals.


Kindness is considered
a core value of the organization


Company’s leadership style is to “lead with kindness.”


According to the research, leading with kindness is the most effective leadership style to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

An organization is 5X more likely to be considered innovative if a company is kind.

Workers named a leadership style of “puts kindness before anything else” as most correlated to competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Many companies are missing the boat.

Despite a global pandemic and a reshaped world, many company leaders embraced a "profits before people" leadership rather than one of kindness.


Company’s leadership has embraced kindness as a value less so since the COVID-19 pandemic


Company’s leadership has embraced a “profits before people” as a value the same or more since the COVID-19

Embracing kindness as a value pays off.

Meanwhile, the research demonstrates that those companies who have adopted a leadership of kindness to a greater degree since the pandemic have paved the way toward more innovation.


of workers  agree their company’s leadership has embraced the value of kindness more since the pandemic…


say it has led to greater innovation among employees.

Meaning over money.

In a year where many workers faced greater financial challenges due to the pandemic, the importance of finding meaning in their work remains more valuable than money among most employees, particularly among IT professionals and younger workers.

6 of 10 workers

8 of 10
IT workers

say they would rather have a management team that helped them find meaning in their work than receive a 5% pay increase.

What’s better for business, kindness or profits?

Clearly, profits matter in business. Without it, organizations wouldn’t survive. But is it best to lead with that? Signature’s research has found several tangible positive outcomes to putting kindness first and before profits.

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